• A revolutionary approach to

    Financial wellness

  • Capital Quotient is a fintech platform that

    Enables its users to gain financial literacy

  • A platform that helps

    Achieve your financial goals throughout your life.

    What we do

    Capital Quotient educates and helps users aspire towards and achieve financial success, in a guided step-by-step manner, through small but impactful financial decisions. Capital Quotient focuses on four pillars of financial progress:

    Become Financially Independent

    Get freedom from the vicious cycle of taking loans and credits. Reduce your financial stress by paying off your liabilities.

    Gauge Your Expenses

    Control the impulsive habit of spending on frivolous expenses to generate cash flow.

    Balancing Risk and Return

    Optimize your investments by changing portfolios and fund types based on volatility and Return on Investment (ROI).

    Gain Investment Knowledge

    Learn about different investment opportunities to make sound financial decisions that align with investment objectives.

    The flagship product of Capital quotient

    The “Siply” app is designed to enhance the user’s financial standing incrementally. This app strives to help its users become more financially literate and strategically achieve their financial goals by implementing micro milestones.

    Saving and investing are now simple and free with Siply. No paperwork, no hassles, invest in the best mutual funds and deposit with Siply. Invest in direct mutual funds with zero commission for free with multiple risk options. With seamless, Know Your Client (KYC) procedure and quick registration to provide exceptional customer experience and create success stories.

    Technology Behind Siply

    Siply is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), which helps make impactful decisions in a person’s financial life –that they can track over time. It is a revolutionary Payroll-deduction based App that makes it easy and seamless to invest in various investments ranging from Deposits to Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Debentures, and even includes Gold.

    Features of Siply

    User-Friendly Dashboard

    A single dashboard that provides you with a clear picture of all your investments.

    Instant Functions

    Purchasing and redeeming funds with ease. Quick changes to portfolios can be made anytime.

    Insights Driven

    Siply provides valuable insights about your investments and market trends.

    Secure Trading

    Secure trading, with access to a vast range of mutual funds solutions, ETF portfolios, and stock options.

    Goal Tracking

    Add a goal to calculate your required monthly savings, and keep active track of your progress.

    Multilingual Interface

    Available in a multilingual interface, with round-the-clock support from our experts.


    We have tailored an exclusive offering named CQ Exclusive, which has been primarily structured to meet all your financial goals and solve every issue with attention to minute details.


    Trusted Investment Advisor

    Looking for someone you can trust to multiply your wealth without any bias?


    Tailored Financial Plan

    Want a tailored financial plan that consolidates all your savings and investments?


    Legacy Planning

    Have you ever thought of post-retirement goals and estate planning?

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